Commercial Game

I’m in charge of localization of several visual novels. I also worked on other titles not being credited.

Credited as 大海Hiromi

Nekopara ~Catboys Paradise~ (2021) Steam iOS Andriod

Nekopara Vol.4 (2020) Steam PS4 Switch

LOVE³ -Love Cube- (2019) Steam

Credited as 曹文飛 Wenfei Cao

Nekopara Vol.3 Console Versions (2019) PS4 Switch

Nekopara Vol.2 Console Versions (2018) PS4 Switch

Nekopara Vol.1 Console Versions (2018) PS4 Switch

Student Game

Skyshot (2017, Student Game) Trailer USC Games Polygon

Bomb Joust (2016, Student Game) Trailer


Web Projects

Web Archives (Before 2012)