Web Projects

CS571: Web Technology Homework

If you are a student currently enrolled in this class, please do homework on your own.

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Project 1: Loan

Given a screenshot, create a static html page as close as possible.

Project 2: Airlines

Parse a json file using “vanilla” JavaScript.

Project 3: Stock (php)

Call AlphaVantage API with php to retrieve stock information. Charts of indicators are drawn with HighCharts. No other libraries were allowed.

Project 4: Stock (AngularJS and Node.js)

Similar to project 3 but built with AngularJS as front end and express.js as the back end. MarketOnDemand is used for autocomplete feature. Used Bootstrap to scale to different screen sizes.


Jquery Practice


A simulated web calendar. Overlapping blocks are not completely resolved.


A slider containing 4 slides with basic animation.

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