Website Chronology

I created my first website in 2008 with a couple hand-written HTML pages. It was hosted on my home laptop with a free dynamic domain provided by I registered in 2009 and used it as a dynamic domain. Since I started to learn ASP in 2010, an ASP website existed briefly. After that the website remained mostly closed until moving to a Digital Ocean server. Before the move my personal website focused on experimenting with techniques, so I did not use any blog systems. The website adopted WordPress for the first time in 2014. However, mysql service on the server kept crashing and I had to reset the VPS several times. I even ditched WordPress for a static framework called Hexo in order to avoid mysql. Finally, I decided to host my website on AWS today. I chose to create a Windows VPS which seems to be more reliable. I hope the website won’t crash constantly this time.

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